Upcoming Move to Managed Care Explained
If you or someone in your family has Medicaid Apple Health coverage in addition to primary private health insurance, you will have received notice from the Health Care Authority some time this month, letting you know about a change from fee-for-service medical coverage (aka the "coupon) to managed care, beginning January 1, 2017.  It's part of a process that was started a few years ago, when most SSI eligible individuals who receive Medicaid were transitioned to a managed care plan. Click here to learn more in this bulletin from the Informing Families website.

The FINDS Survey is Here!
We need your input and help disseminating this crucial survey! The Research and Training Center on Community Living at the University of Minnesota in collaboration with The Arc, is seeking survey caregivers to share their perceptions on a range of life-span issues impacting individuals with I/DD. We are inviting people aged 18 years or older who provide frequent primary support to a person with an I/DD to participate.  The results of the 2010 Survey provided unique insight into the growing gaps in education, employment, and other life-span activities that exist between persons with disabilities and their non-disabled peers, which has informed further dialogue and policy changes at the Federal and State levels.  Click here to participate.

Earned Income Tax Credit for Tax Year 2016

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a national program that helps low to moderate income working families and individuals by reducing their federal income tax burden. The amount of the tax credit is based on several factors, including the amount of an individual's earnings from wages, self-employment or farming. The EITC can provide a refund for as much as $6,269 (for tax year 2016). Click here for more information on eligibility, income and refund amounts for tax year 2016. Includes printable version in PDF.

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