The Arc@Work Grant Award

Earlier this year, The Arc of the United States received a $240,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation.  Since that time, The Arc has regranted some of those dollars to several of its chapters, including The Arc of Spokane. Now, The Arc of Spokane is thrilled to announce it has been selected to receive $15,000 of the total grant. This funding will be used to encourage and support workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to enter the workforce. Current research indicates that only 15% of people with I/DD are employed. However, with the right supports, many people with I/DD can build a career alongside their peers without disabilities. 


“The Arc of Spokane’s Arc@Work project created a video series that clearly demonstrates the potential of our constituents to local employers and businesses.  It demystifies the “win-win” we advocate for in employing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”—Sima Thorpe, Executive Director, The Arc of Spokane

The Arc’s national employment initiative, The Arc@Work, connects organizations with people and services that increase the diversity, productivity, and quality of their overall workforce. In 2016, with initial funding from the Walmart Foundation, The Arc@Work partnered with 16 chapters of The Arc to connect employers with talented employees with I/DD. Overall, these chapters were able to place 400 individuals into jobs, while 15 states and more than 1,700 employers were engaged in outreach. With this support, The Arc of Spokane plans to connect with more employers within Spokane about the positive impact employing people with disabilities will have on our community as well as their business.  





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