noun /ˈadvəkət/

 a person who publicly supports or recommends a cause

verb ˈadvəˌkāt/

to plead, support, champion, back up, campaign, uphold & promote

Individual advocacy

A Strong Voice for Our constituents

For an individual with a developmental disability, living independently can be uniquely challenging. Without help, even a minor matter can quickly become a massive crisis, resulting in lack of housing, exploitation and even abuse!

The Arc of Spokane’s Individual Advocacy program helps vulnerable adults overcome the unique challenge they face in our community. Our advocates provide one-on-one assistance when problems arise, which empowers individuals with an I/DD to further receive greater independence.

We can help with:

>> Finding appropriate services in the local community

>> Act as a witness when dealinging with public officials and practitioners

>> Provide counseling and emotional support

>> Document guidance with regard to applications, forms, legal paper work and more

Community Advocacy

Our Advocacy Committee explores issues affecting people with I/DD and their families. For some issues, the Advocacy Committee may write an Issue Report or, brief summary of the concern, its history, impact on people with I/DD, and possible solutions.

The committee may also create a Task Force to create and carry out a plan to address that issue. Task Forces rely on community volunteers to be successful. Click the links below to learn what The Arc of Spokane is currently working on.

Legislative Advocacy

To learn more about The Arc of Spokane's Community Advocacy effort or to participate on a Task Force, contact Brian Holloway at The Arc of Spokane, (509) 789-8321 or

Bills of Interest

HB 2578 – This law prevents landlords from denying housing to an individual simply because their primary income is Social Security.

SSB 2448 – This law makes it possible to transfer property to a non-profit supported living agency, provided that a person with I/DD can live in it through their lifetime.

SB 6257 – This law transfers Early Intervention Services to the newly created Department of Children, Youth and Families.

HB 1539 – This law creates a task force to adopt model curriculum to prevent sex abuse of students

HB 2822 – This law defines what a service dog is and creates a fine for misrepresenting an animal.

SSB 6199 – This law removes the responsibility for administering caregiver employment matters from DDA case managers to a separate entity.